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Erbil and Surrounds

Erbil and surrounds:

Erbil citadel dates back 6,000 years BC and forms the original boundaries of the city. Erbil is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world.

  • Sami Abdul Rahman Park is a large municipal park built on the site of a former Ba’ath military base.
  • Qaysari bazaar is Erbil city’s traditional market, selling household goods, food, textiles, gold and souvenirs.
  • Sheikh Chooli minaret in the western district of Erbil was built by Sultan Mudhaffarudeen and dates back to the early Islamic era. The minaret is the focal point for the recently developed Minara Park.
  • Khanzad castle on the Erbil – Shaqlawa road dates back to the Soran Principality period when Kurdistan was ruled by a number   of principalities.
  • Rabban Beya monastery is a one-hour climb over mountain paths. There are two large highly engraved cave-like chambers that date back to the fourth century AD.
  • Shaqlawa resort is 51 km north of Erbil and is a popular weekend and holiday destination with a great fresh produce market.
  • Gali Ali Beg ravine and waterfall is 130km from Erbil, a popular place for recreational picnics. Bekhal Resort is another small water resort 140km from Erbil and a short drive from Gali Ali Berg.
  • Pank Resort offers small holiday villas in a park with funfair rides and attractions, surrounded by mountain views.
  • Korek mountain ski resort, including cable cars, is the first resort of its kind to offer snowsports and modern facilities in the mountains of Kurdistan.